Subcontracting fees policy

Why does Hair & Beauty Academy South West subcontract?

As one of the largest independent specialist hair and beauty providers in the South West the Hair & Beauty Academy South West (HABASW) seeks to develop like-minded partnerships who can complement our existing provision and offer quality driven industry-recognised qualifications to support learners and employers.

HABASW’s commitment to improving the quality of teaching, learning and assessment

HABASW is committed to continual improvement to the quality of teaching, learning and assessment. This is demonstrated though it’s subcontracting fees policy by ensuring that all partners are selected through demonstrable evidence that they deliver quality teaching and learning and are managed through a process of regular performance monitoring.

What management fees do HABASW apply?

The typical percentage range charged by HABASW is between 10% – 25%. This management fee is deducted from the SFA rate based on the funding income received by HABASW. If a sub-contractor requires HABASW to be more fully engaged and needs more support with their learners a higher % fee could be negotiated. Our policy is communicated at the initial meeting, with regard to payment we will commit to paying 10 working days after receipt of invoice.

The amount charged will be negotiated with the individual party and will depend on a number of factors but is not limited to:

  • Evidence of an established relationship between HASW and the subcontractor
  • Market experience of the subcontractor
  • Evidence of the risk factor to HABASW
  • Level of support deemed to be enquired from HABASW
  • Performance against target measures as agreed with the subcontractor.

What support do HABASW offer their subcontractors?

HABASW believe the relationship has a joint responsibility to deliver high quality provision to all learners and therefore as a minimum HABASW provide the following service and support: Designated contact, regular performance updates against clear measures of success and regular quality performance and quality visits.

How do HABASW make payments to their subcontractors?

Payments are made based on the SFA value provided by the PFR received monthly from the Data Service, less the management fee as agreed. Payments are made by BACS and HABASW expects subcontractors to fully engage in assessing the accuracy of payments and therefore have a responsibility to identify an inaccuracies.

How often does HABASW review its subcontracting fees policy?

This policy will be reviewed the HABASW directors on an annual basis and is published on the website.

Subcontractor fees