Long Term HairdressingPrices
CourseQualificationAttendanceDurationCertification & RegistrationWeekly
Hairdressing Day or NightNVQ Level 1*,2 or 31 day
2 Days
1 Evening/1 Day
2 Years
1 Year
2 Years
1 Year
Evening Class *NVQ Level 1*,2 or 3Once a week2 Years£150£28
Super NVQ courseNVQ Level 2 or 33 Days a week32 weeks£100£150
LadiesLevel 23 Days a week (Refreshers)6 weeks£100£150
LadiesLevel 23 Days a week (Cutting)12 weeks£100£145
Salon Days*ExperiencePer Day£30 per day
Assessors TAQADetermined IndividuallyPOA
Short Term Hairdressing Prices
CourseLength of CourseTotal
Beginners Cutting Course3 Days£380
Classic Cutting Course6 Days£680
Creative Cutting Course9 Days£960
Beginners Highlighting Course3 Days£380
Classic Highlighting Course3 Days£480
Creative Highlighting Course3 Days£590
Hair Up Beginners1 Day£390
Hair Up Advanced1 Day£490
Taster Course2 weeks (6 days)£460
Fast Track HairdressingPrice
CoursesQualificationLength of CourseCertification & RegistrationWeekly
Fast Track LadiesNVQ Level 2,352 weeks (3 day week)£1500£142
Mens BarberBarber NVQ Level 219 weeks (3 day week)£1000£100

September 2011 – Beauty Therapy Courses

The duration of this course is 1 year and costs £1295 payable in advance. Course average weekly cost – £25. Attending either one day or evening a week. For more information call us on 01823 350444 or alternatively use our enquiry form.
Long Term BeautyPrices
CourseQualificationsLength of CourseDurationCertification & RegistrationWeekly
BeautyNVQ Level 1*,21 Day2 Years£100£30
Day or Night2 Days1 Year£100£60
1 Evening
2 Years£150£28
1 Evening/ 1 Day1 Year£100£60